Model 810B Spectrum Analyzer(Obselete)

Model 810B Spectrum Analyzer Desciption

The 810B Spectrum analyzer is a plug-in card that allows RF spectral information to be displayed using an industry standard IBM type PC as the host computer. The 810B covers 200 Khz to 810MHz. Both cards use a ISA type slot. Due to the thickness of the 810B two slots are needed. Software to drive the 810B is provided with the units. Both units are completely synthesized at every measurement point.

A unique feature of the 810B is the ability to use the parallel port as an interface. This dual interface ability is standard in all units and allows for increased isolation from internally generated PC noise. It also facilitates operation from notebook computers. In the parallel interface mode an external power supply is needed.

Three resolution bandwidths are provided with switching between RBW's fixed as a function of span. Fixed VBW's are associated with each RBW. Dynamic range is about 60 dB. These units make excellant prescreen instruments for EMI/EMC compliance measurements.

Model 810B Spectrum Analyzer Software Features

  • Menu and function Key Driven
  • Marker and Delta Marker
  • Push Button Hard Copy to over 50 printers
  • 10 Spectrum Memories
  • 10 Instrument State Memories
  • User Programable Wake Up state
  • Spectrum Subtraction
  • Sweep Overlay
  • Max Hold
  • Peak Search
  • Signal Track
  • Fast Sweep

Call us for information on the 810B function library.

1991 Radio Electronics Article


PDF SCHEMATICS of SHF Option for 810B(4MB)