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TG100 and TG200 Tracking Generators ( and TG3000, TG6000)

(A replacement for HP 85640A)

    For customers looking for integrated Tracking Generator solution, one that contains a microwave capable signal source as well as TG function, DKD Instruments recommends the TG3000 and TG6000 from DSI Instruments. These TGs can replace and cover more bandwidth than the HP 85640A.  The TG3000/6000 can work with many HP/Agilent Spectrum analyzers as well as others. For more details see the DS Instruments web site.

    The TG100 and TG200 are  generic Tracking Signal Generators. They can be used with a variety of spectrum analyzers from different manufactures. The TG200 is a wider coverage version of the TG100. This accomplished by  separating the isolation amplifier assembly from the two mixers supplied with the TG200.   For a complete discussion of the TG100/200 down load the zip-file TG ARTICLE(~1MB). This article goes into detail on the operation and performance of the TG100/200 system. It includes photos, plots, block diagrams and text.

      The Application note AP-100 shows how to use the TG100  with the HP 8565, HP 8569 and HP 8566A/B Spectrum Analyzers.  See also AP_NOTES section for more user  information. This module is not compatible with the PA2500 Spectrum Analyzer at this time. The TG100 needs a LO out signal from the spectrum analyzer and a signal generator that will provide a signal at the IF for the band being used. For example in the HP 8565, 8569 and 8566 spectrum analyzers use essentially two different first IF's depending on the band being swept. For signals in the upper bands the first IF is 321.4 Mhz.  This is what the tracking generator would need from the external signal generator, a signal at 321.4 Mhz @ +8 dBm max. 

    Once correctly connected the TG100/200 outputs the TG signal needed to allow scalar frequency response measurements, automatically, as the spectrum analyzer sweeps.









  TG100 (PDF 60K)


100 - 6000 MHz 

 0.1 - 4500 MHz


SMA-3-2.85 (PDF 18K)


  TG200 (PDF 60K)


100 - 6000 MHz 

 0.1 - 6000 MHz


SMA-2-2.10 (PDF 18K)





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